What is Tidelines?

Tidelines is exploring the place we live from lots of different perspectives with something of interest for everyone whatever age you are. 

We are joining-up and sharing different forms of knowledge and information, in creative ways, in order to learn more about our changing home: combining different ways of thinking about things such as science, arts, history, geography and marine biology.

We are looking to develop research and action with communities, in response to the changing marine and estuary environment in Exmouth and the Exe estuary.

We are living in a time of environmental and climate emergency and we want to do the best we can to ensure a flourishing future for the many different communities of people and other diverse creatures (for example insects, marine life, birds) that live here.

In our pilot year, 2020, you are invited to take part in events, activities* and gatherings, to find out more, share knowledge, inspire learning and reflection. This will help us work out what people are really interested in.  You can find out what is on by visiting this website, joining our mailing list or through social media and local networks.

*You can take part in several activities from home or as part of your daily exercise via the Things to do now pages of this website.


What will happen next?

We are working with a number of partner organisations, including the University of Exeter. We are exploring the things we most want to know about the place we live, its other inhabitants and our shared future. In future years we will work alongside students and academics at the University to find our more, respond and adapt to or support change.

We aim to secure further funding, to develop creative ways to dive deeper into key themes from 2020, such as ocean currents and tides, migration of species, marine and estuary life. We will look at whether having a permanent or temporary space on the estuary will further the objectives of the project and be useful for the different communities we are working with.  We will continue to explore, play, create and reflect together and build an archive, so that we can share our learning with more people in the UK and overseas.

Stay in Touch

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