Relay Teams
Seven teams will carry Samantha the salmon baton along the Exe from Exmouth to the source at Tarr Steps on Exmouth. Teams will carry the baton passing it on to the next team at changeover points, where a master of ceremonies will preside over the exchange with a short invocation from the salmon.
Teams will run together so abilities should be similar in the group. We are not racing! But we are collectively responsible for conveying Samantha to the spawning grounds and the next team is raring to go!
Teams need to consider logistics of car share/transport. Let us know if you need help booking or making up a team. Call Jo at 07890244012 or email
Teams will be invited to a briefing and will get a route map on the day and notes on any areas of the route that may be unclear. Runners are encouraged to have a good look at the route before the day. The route mostly follows the Exe Valley Way which is a mix of off and on road terrain following the river as much as possible. (see whole route map below after ultra paragraph for relay sections)
Teams will receive a tracker along with the salmon baton from the arriving team so that the progress of the salmon can be watched by others online.
Runners should arrive at their changeover point in advance of the previous team arriving which they should be able to follow on a mobile phone or with updates from the run manager. Approximate or anticipated times will be given as a guide for each section.
First team gathers in Exmouth at 7.00am
The second section between Salmon Pool and Exwick in Exeter is the 5K community run and the baton will be carried by the ‘crowd’ for that section.

And we will update this page with much more information about maps, gpx files, tracking, section lengths and much more. Meanwhile please ask an questions at