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These are observations from around the Exe estuary and coastline which have been shared by you. The Almanac aims to show the variety of life in and around the Estuary and helps build up a picture of how we experience the Exe Estuary – what we notice, do and observe. These observations can also provide important information over time. We are currently working on an exciting interactive design for displaying the Almanac entries together on the website. 

May 28 2020

At approximately 4pm with a low tide, close to RNLI.The kids located a grass snake 2 feet long swimming towards the shore. From there it slithered up the beach. Rescued & taken to the Maer dunes.   Andy Beake

April 24 2020

Thousands of school bass at Sowden End, Lympstone around high tide. According to a local fisherman they come there for shelter.

April 13 2020

Estuary playground closed. Tinkling and gurgling of life in the seabed, birds and bees in full glory Covid 19 halts our playtime for now

May 6 2020

First swim of the year (for me). Past Orcombe point. Sea state: wavy. 11 degrees. Wetsuit family near by keeping distant. No wetsuit for me! 

Nov 23rd 2019

I was walking my dog down by Orcombe point early one morning. As I came onto the beach I could see there was lots of water run off from the recent storm but I could not believe my eyes as I turned the corner and saw what seemed to be Niagara Falls in Exmouth.
I had to film it!

May 9th 2020

At the end of Camperdown Creek, a white large bird( larger than a seagull) with grey/black long legs & beak sitting on a wheel tyre.

March 20 2020

line fishers at exmouth harbour catching wrasse, and earlier in the day someone had caught a mackerel. Early for mackerel? Fishing boat landing cuttlefish, squid, sole and cod.

October 16 2017

Lots Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis) washed up on Exmouth Beach and Esplanade after Storm Ophelia. Simon Pardoe

July 9th 2020

I placed the hull of a model boat in the River Exe to commemorate the leaving of the artist Bas Jan Ader from Cape Cod, to cross the Atlantic in a tiny sailing boat in 1975.       Graham Rich

March 3 2020

On the beach near the swimming pool where the sea defences workers were digging a really deep hole with an excavator, clearly hoping for something particular to turn up


April 30 2020

Lots of seabirds diving in the waves breaking on the sandbanks opposite the bunkers.


July 5 2017

Largish seal on top of blue bouy near mussel boat moorings (off Dawlish Warren estuary side). Conditions: Light winds, sunny


May 9 2020

cycled down to Belshers slipway and sat beside the groynes for a brew before having my first paddle this year. It was really warm and quiet apart from occasional cheers from a family aiming pebbles at a buoy and lots of birds on the water.


May 21 (pm)  2020

Noticed a lot of washed up plastic debris in the reed beds just next to Exton Station including two very large brown storage containers.


June 2  2020

I saw three white egrets flying down the tributary on the Goosemoor nature reserve side.


June 9  2020

Several clusters of squid eggs located on seaward beach of Dawlish Warren – near distal end. Alun Morgan


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