The Future Goose

We asked people to write their thoughts about the estuary in the future, how it might be changing, what people might like to see and perhaps their concerns.

We are all nature. Please keep it clean & natural for birds, fish and humanity.
Jenny Delahaye


I would love to see some kind of animal sanctuary, learn more about the specific animals in the Exe. 
Kimberley Smith


A precious place – let’s keep looking, learning + loving.
Catherine Cartwright


The input of plastics, as they break down into fragments.  The effect on habitat quality.
R P Moseley


The closer the future is to the Estuary’s distant past, the better.
Carol Jay


My concern is that the cliff will erode and it won’t be safe to walk under the cliff. I don’t want to lose the cliff field.
Martha Green


Protect it so the birds keep living here.
Vicky Fitzgibbon


Is flooding on the Exe expected to increase over time?
Graham Rich


We hope to see every effort made to conserve the area for wildlife.
Frances Banks


I worry about the sand shifts – losing the dunes, losing the sand from our beach – that change the make-up of our sandy shores.
Helen Burns


I hope the flora and fauna will remain to maintain a healthy ecosystem.
Pam Wallinder


We’d like a new station at Exminster.
I’d like to try paddleboarding.
We don’t like jet skis.
I hope I can sail my dinghy.
Lucy Wynn


I’d like to see cat’s eyes / better lighting on cycle path (Exmouth sea F). Modern planning, eco friendly info boards. More bins on Topsham cycle path. Concerns long term environmental impact / management.
Sophie Victoria Moore


Selfish thought: the estuary has been overrun with people this year, my hope is that they will forget these lovely places….
Jenny Moon


Less plastic pollution.
Sea levels rising due to climate change
Will it be a busy waterway?
A regular swimming hole?
Gemma Lockhart


Less motorised boat traffic in the area where birds nest and feed.
Picnic tables and seats.
Elinor Scott


I want the estuary to be clean enough to swim in. I want the salmon to return.
Lesley Kerman


Worries that the entrance is silting up and boats won’t be able to come in and out of the river if not dredged.
Hazel McCabe


Sustainability in tourism and fishing industries
Robert Wynne


* Lots of wildlife * fun activities, boats, sailing, bikes, children’s games, rides.
Sally Hammond


We must preserve its ability to support biodiversity in all its aspects.
Oliver Davey


-Needs to be managed well.
-Really positive that people are thinking about its future.
Jimmy Joy


We need to project it for the sake of the wildlife and for our own wellbeing
Mary Turner


Will it silt up?
Polly Croft


Will Dawlish Warren wash away?
Philippa Kos


Will every other person be walking around in a Dryrobe?
Philippa Kos


I hope it stays accessible to as many people as possible for as many uses as possible in years to come.
Sophie Coleman


The rubbish that people leave behind can hurt the wildlife.
Daisy Bagwell


With increase in luxury home building it’s going to lose its rural aspect. But much more awareness now.
Adrian Toole


I worry that dogs will overrun the beaches!
Vicki Johnson


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