Mapping the Exe

Jan 10, 2020 | Activities, Blog


You are invited to draw a map of the Exe Estuary. Your map could include the mouth of the estuary from Exmouth up to Topsham, or further, or you could only involve a small area of the estuary or coastline. A map can take many forms and maps can look very different from each other. We want to find out how different people see the estuary. Maps can range from a very simple sketch to an elaborate embroidery. You could sketch it in 1/2 hour on a scrap of paper, make a full painting or plan a walk to map it in a novel way. It doesn’t need to be elaborate time-consuming or ‘arty’ it can be approached scientifically. There is no right or wrong in these maps. Anyone can take part whatever your age or interests.

But please don’t look at a real map! Forget normal. Interpret it your own way. A map can be about what you want it to be. For example:

A map of people; a map of species; a fishing map; a map as a game; a map of tides, currents and channels for sailing; a map of a day’s journey; a map of walks; a map from a dog’s eye view – I know there are rabbits around here ; a map of favourite spots; a map of poetic names – cronky bit, mud of the beaching, tern attack; a map of memories – I always think of you here; a map of sounds; a combination of  these or none of these!

You can draw, paint, put your map on a stone or make a collage. Anything goes! On a plate, designed on computer, charcoal, modelled out of sand, pen and ink or just plain A4 paper and pencil – you choose!   Just try and make your map strong and clear so others can read or interpret it and don’t put your name on the front of the image. 


We will create an online gallery of maps on Tidelines website and some may be displayed via social media. Once you have submitted your map we will give you a password so you can see your map and the other maps online. We will send through the password after you have submitted your map, so that you can freely express your own ideas and not be too influenced by other people.  We hope to exhibit the maps later in the year, so please hold on to your original map and keep it somewhere safe. We want to learn about, share and celebrate the many diverse and different ways that people see, experience and enjoy the Exe Estuary.


There are a couple of options:

1. Copy it on a scanner or photograph it and upload it as a file using the button below and following the instructions.
We will add your name if you would like your image to be credited or you can make it anonymous.  Leave your name and email address on the form so that we can contact you…and remember to keep hold of the original.

2. If you don’t have the facilities to scan or photograph the map or you would like to send it to us, the address is 42 Park Road, Exmouth EX8 1TN. Please do let us know who you are and where you live so we can return it to you later.

Have fun!  If you have any questions please get in touch

We think it best if you imagine your own map first. But if you need to see the gallery of map (Map Room) you can see them here

We reserve the right not to include contributions that contain inappropriate material.

    Select a file from your computer for upload by clicking on the Choose File button below:

    About files:
    - Don't add your name on the image
    - Files no larger than 10mb
    - Jpegs preferred : best at 300dpi
    - Any questions please use the contact form on the contact page

    Tick this box if you would like to be credited online for this submission

    Yes please!

    Please see our guidelines about participation and use of written or photo submissions to Tidelines (shown below) and then tick the box to agree.

    I agree to participate in Tidelines

    Guidelines about participation and use of written or photo submissions to Tidelines »

    I agree to participate in the Socially Engaged Universities (SEU), Tidelines Community Engagement Hub Project and understand that I am free to withdraw at any time with no need to give a reason.

    I give consent for photographs and anonymised information I send to Tidelines (via the website, text or mail) to be used for publication on the website and in any other outputs in print and electronic media.

    I agree for my views and ideas to be used for shaping the next stage of the research and understand that these data will be used solely for research purposes.

    I am aware that my personal information will be kept in secure password protected files and will be destroyed 6 years following the completion of the project.

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