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Jan 24, 2020 | Activities, Blog

Got a phone? Send in your photos of a slice of the Exe taken in vertical ‘home screen’ format. Get creative with your photos taken around the estuary or seafront on your phone. The estuary and coastline is usually horizontal as water meets land meets sky. But it looks amazing in vertical format. Try this format and see what you can do.

It could be on the cycle path, looking down from a height, with the tide out or in, with a passing train, of some extraordinary wildlife or an industrial structure, great graffiti, a boating event etc etc. We will create an online gallery and will show a selection in a shop window in the centre of town. Let’s show our favourite views, amazing moments, beautiful sunsets and extraordinary events and celebrate our wonderful environment. An ideal activity for wandering the shores of the Exe. Let’s cover the estuary from all angles!

You will have your own ideas but you can see what other have done so far here

It is actually quite simple thanks to the wonders of smart phones.
Here is a step by step guide:

The simplest way is to take a photo in vertical (portrait) format and send it straight to  info@tidelines.uk and let me do the cropping to the right scale. Then I will put it on the gallery page on this website.


Take your pic in vertical (portrait not landscape) mode.
Go to your phone Gallery
Click on the picture and some options come up
Now you have two options:

– ‘Edit’
– ‘Crop’
– There are usually a number of options choose ‘Portrait’ or the nearest to the 1:2 or 16:9 proportions.
– ‘Save’
– Return to Gallery select the cropped photo
– ‘Share’
– email to info@tidelines.uk

Or 2.
In Gallery with the photo clicked:
– Go to ‘More’
– ‘Set as’
– ‘Wallpaper’
– You then get the option to crop. You can usually zoom in or move left or right.
When happy click the tick or ‘ok’
– It will then ask you if you want Home Screen or Lock. Choose Home.
– Then go back to your home screen and it should be there.
– Then you need to take a screenshot which is a picture of all you can see on your home screen. Different phones have different methods. Mine is press the volume button and the on/off button on the right at the same time. Check to see how your camera does this first.
Then same as above:
– Return to Gallery select cropped photo
– Share
– email to info@tidelines.uk

It is also possible to take a picture on any camera (not just a phone) and crop to the 2:1 or 16:9 ratio and send. And I can crop the image for you if you want to send it in, with guidelines as to how you want it.

Photo formats: Most phones have an aspect ratio (relative proportions) of 16:9 or 2:1. Both are fine to submit in vertical format. My phone is 38.1 x 80.43 cm at 72 pixels/inch resolution = 1080 x 2280 pixels.

No need to include icons on your home screen but you can if you want.

Send with contact details (email best) so we can contact you and credit you. By sending we understand that you are happy to have them online in the gallery where there will be no names or other details (please see our privacy policy).

Please don’t include people in your photos unless they are sufficiently far away to be not recognized.

The gallery has just begun but to see what we have so far. Click here

Follow Tidelines at #exetidelines

And please take care, be safe and respect property when seeking a good photo. A feature of the estuary is actually how much of it is inaccessible and therefore not seen.

We reserve the right not to include contributions that contain inappropriate material.

    Select a file from your computer for upload by clicking on the Choose File button below:

    About files:
    - Don't add your name on the image
    - Files no larger than 10mb
    - Jpegs preferred : best at 300dpi
    - Any questions please use the contact form on the contact page

    Tick this box if you would like to be credited online for this submission

    Yes please!

    Please see our guidelines about participation and use of written or photo submissions to Tidelines (shown below) and then tick the box to agree.

    I agree to participate in Tidelines

    Guidelines about participation and use of written or photo submissions to Tidelines »

    I agree to participate in the Socially Engaged Universities (SEU), Tidelines Community Engagement Hub Project and understand that I am free to withdraw at any time with no need to give a reason.

    I give consent for photographs and anonymised information I send to Tidelines (via the website, text or mail) to be used for publication on the website and in any other outputs in print and electronic media.

    I agree for my views and ideas to be used for shaping the next stage of the research and understand that these data will be used solely for research purposes.

    I am aware that my personal information will be kept in secure password protected files and will be destroyed 6 years following the completion of the project.

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